Fall before applying:

  • Attend the fall meeting for students planning to apply for admission to a health profession schools.
  • Begin to study for the standardized test appropriate for the type of school you are applying to. Consult dates when standardized tests are offered, for example MCAT. Think about when you plan to take your admission test. Think late spring or early summer. Copies of past MCATs can be gotten from Dean Trayford in Kollett Hall.
  • By the end of the semester, submit your Waiver and Release of Information Forms, and hand out Junior/Senior Year Faculty Assessment Forms to fall semester instructors.

Spring semester of application year:

  • By spring break, make sure you email Dean Trayford your most updated resume, including on it any summer experiences you will have if you know at that time.
  • By spring break, submit filled-out Recommenders List. Keep in mind that you can add a letter from a summer experience if you would like.
  • Register for appropriate standardized test


  • If applying to medical, dental, veterinary, or optometry schools, you must submit the Intent to Apply form by the 15th.


  • Submit draft of personal statement and begin editing with Dean Trayford. Consult with Dean Trayford about what recommendations are outstanding.
  • Schedule a committee letter interview with Dean Trayford for before the end of the semester.

End of April

  • Attend meeting on the electronic application process.
  • Letters of recommendation should start to be received by Dean Trayford.


  • Continue editing personal statement.
  • Open account with appropriate electronic application: AMCAS (allopathic), AACOMAS (osteopathic), AADSAS (dental), OptomCAS (optometry).


  • Consult with Dean Trayford throughout the application completion process, while continuing to edit the personal statement if necessary.

June – August

  • Submit your application as early as possible. The AMCAS and AACOMAS applications can be submitted as early as June 1. It is not necessary to be first – but submit it before returning to Wheaton for the fall semester.  VMCAS (veterinary) is available around July 15.
  • You MUST go online and print a verified copy of your application for your health professions file, along with your school list to Dean Trayford. No committee letter will be sent out without these two items.


These deadlines are very important to your success and are created so that there is a fair opportunity for everyone applying to medical school. Keep in mind that assistance from the Health Professions Advisory Committee is done on a first come, first served basis.


A complete file includes

  1. Updated Statement of Interest
  2. Waiver and Release of Information Forms
  3. Assessment Forms
  4. Completed and updated personal statement
  5. A minimum of four letters, two of which must be from science faculty
  6. A copy of your application to professional school
  7. Completed school list
  8. Most updated resume