Whether a current Wheaton student or a student transferring to Wheaton, the college will accept transfer credit from any regionally accredited degree-granting school of higher education.  Below are details regarding the college’s transfer credit policy and information specific to the transfer credit process for incoming transfer students.

For Wheaton Students

Many Wheaton students complete summer school work or college-level work at other institutions while on leave of absence from Wheaton. The process for earning Wheaton degree credit for this work is outlined in the College Catalog and on the Application for Transfer Credit Form (pdf) available in the Office of the Registrar.

Students should plan to seek prior approval for courses taken elsewhere if they expect to earn transfer credit. Not all college-level courses may earn Wheaton College credit and the amount of credit will be determined by a calculation. The calculation is based on the course credit in relation to the credit required for the degree at the host institution. Whether these courses are taken to make up lost credit or as a way to accelerate their program, these are the rules to follow to obtain Wheaton degree credit:

  • Credit will transfer from ANY regionally accredited degree-granting school of higher education.
  • Students can transfer credit from international schools, but they require careful evaluation and approval from the Center for Global Education.
  • The Chair of the appropriate department at Wheaton must review ANY course that the student wishes to transfer back to that department here at Wheaton. Application for Transfer Credit Form (pdf) are available from the Academic Advising Center or from the Office of the Registrar. Students should then meet with a Wheaton Department Chairperson to review the course description and secure their authorization that the credit may transfer back to Wheaton prior to attending the class.
  • Transfer credit may NOT be used to fulfill the Social Science, Arts and Humanities or Natural Science Divisional requirements but may be used for major requirements, Foreign Language, Quantitative Analysis or Beyond the West requirements, with prior approval.
  • Wheaton does not accept credit for courses that are shorter than three weeks in length.
  • For credit to transfer, the final grade must be AT LEAST a C.
  • Only credits transfer, not grades. Transfer courses have NO impact on a Wheaton GPA or Wheaton Academic Standing.
  • The amount of credit you receive depends upon the credit system of the OTHER institution. The calculation is based on the earned course credit in relation to the credit required for the degree at the host institution. This calculation may result in an award of fractional credit.

All the policies governing transfer credit at Wheaton College apply also to courses taken online.  In addition to these requirements, incoming transfer students can be awarded credit for online courses provided that:

  • The courses may be completed for credit by that institution’s regularly enrolled undergraduates.
  • The courses have a fixed beginning and end date.
  • The courses include significant interaction with the faculty instructor and other students via text, voice video, and/or other modes of telepresence and/or telephony.  Such interaction must be either explicitly stated on the course syllabus or verified by the instructor of the course

As long as the above requirements are met, students already matriculated and enrolled at Wheaton on a full-time basis may earn up to three transfer credits for courses taken during the summer but not during the fall and spring semesters.  Matriculated and enrolled Wheaton students who take an online course at another institution that does not meet the criteria listed above may petition the Educational Policy Committee for transfer credit approval prior to enrolling in said course.

For Transfer Students enrolling at Wheaton

As part of the enrollment process, transfer students will have their credit evaluated by the Registrar’s Office in conjunction with the appropriate academic departments based on course work completed at the prior institution(s).  Transfer students may be asked for additional course description information or a course syllabus to ensure equivalency to course work here at Wheaton.  The standard transfer credit policy for all Wheaton students does apply to incoming transfer students, as noted above.

For any questions pertaining to transfer credit, please contact Academic Advising at advising@wheatoncollege.edu.