An ‘lncomplete’ can be authorized by the course instructor only when a student is unable, through circumstances beyond the student’s control, to complete, by the last day of classes of the semester, all required work for a course other than the final examination or work specifically assigned in lieu of a final examination, and/or when she or he is unable to complete the final examination or work in lieu of it by the close of the examination period. The course instructor will specify precisely the nature of the work to be completed and the deadline when the work must be receivedThe deadline for replacing the incomplete with a final grade will normally be January 5 for fall semester and the Thursday after commencement for spring semester. In the event that there is no further extension of the Incomplete,and the faculty member submits no grade, a grade of F shall replace the Incomplete.

As in other such matters, timeliness is important in negotiating an Incomplete. Do not assume that the Incomplete will be automatic, but contact course instructor as soon as you realize you will be unable to meet your responsibilities on time due to an extenuating circumstance.