Grade/Pass/Fail is intended to encourage students to enroll in courses they might not otherwise take with minimal risk to their academic standing. Students exercising this option can set their own minimum grade for a class. If they meet or exceed that grade, they receive the grade that they earned. If they fall below the set grade (but still pass the class), they receive a “P”. Instructors are not informed that students have selected this option and will submit normal letter grades, which are then converted to “P” by the Office of the Registrar as appropriate. This grade is not computed in the GPA.  Should the student fail the course, the “F” grade is recorded and calculated in the GPA.

Students may use the G/P/F option once per semester for as many semesters as they wish until they have accumulated a total of three “P” grades on their transcript. Students may select this option up to two weeks after final registration by properly informing the Office of the Registrar. Students should not expect to be able to use this option after that deadline in order to deal with academic difficulties in a course.

Please note that “P” grades may not be used to fulfill the Foundations requirements (FYS, Writing (English 101 or equivalent), Foreign Languages, Quantitative Analysis, and Beyond the West) of the Wheaton Connections curriculum. It may, however, be used for Connections or Divisional requirements (Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences). Academic Departments may choose to allow the “P” grade to meet requirements for majors and minors. Please consult the current College Catalog to determine if “P” grades may be used to meet specific major or minor requirements.

Once a “P” grade is recorded on the academic transcript, it can only be changed with an approved petition by the Committee on Academic Standing. Such petitions will be granted only under extraordinary circumstances.