Increasingly, entering students present advanced placement test scores in subject area tests, offered by the College Board. Matriculating students may earn Wheaton course credit for scores of four or five on these tests. Students may fulfill General Education credit from these courses/exams. The credit may or may not be accepted as part of a Wheaton major. Consult your department.

Other students completing such tests as the International Baccalaureate or the General Certificate of Education (British University A-Levels), may earn advanced placement credit by a similar process of departmental evaluation and the approval of the Dean of Advising.

Advanced placement credit for college-level work completed elsewhere before matriculation is also available when that work has been reviewed and credit recommended by the appropriate department. Application for advanced standing based on placement credits must be made at the time of matriculation, however, and completed by the end of the student’s first semester. No more than eight credits of advanced placement credit may be applied toward the degree.