Once you have decided on the major you would like to pursue, there are some simple steps to follow to complete the process.

To declare a departmental or interdepartmental major

  • Pick up a Major Declaration form from the information desk in the Registrar’s Office or in Kollett Hall.
  • Students need to complete the top portion, name of previous advisor, as well as the purpose/goals section of the form. This helps departments identify an appropriate advisor for the student.
  • Student also fills in the courses they have completed to date for the major. The student can get this information from the WINDOW.
  • The student fills in the requirements they have remaining. The Wheaton Catalog specifies course requirements for each major. If the student doesn’t know exactly what those requirements are (ie: a 300-level course in a particular concentration), the student can fill in the generic category of courses remaining. The student’s advisor can provide further clarification and detail.
  • The Department Chair of the chosen major needs to sign the form. The chair will review the courses, sign off on the major and assign your new major advisor. Indepartmental majors must have their form signed by the major coordinator.
  • Return the entire completed form to the Registrar’s Office.

To declare an independent major

Highly qualified and motivated students may consider designing an Independent Major or Minor. Such Independent programs of study must integrate coursework from two or more departments, must be firmly situated within the liberal arts, and may not significantly replicate existing majors.

Interested students should begin this process early (start of their sophomore year, at the latest), meeting with faculty in relevant departments as well as Academic Advising in Kollett Hall.

The proposal

  • Must be completed (with departmental approvals) by the end of your fourth semester be developed in conjunction with an Advising Team, including at least two faculty from two different departments;
  • Must be approved by the Chairpersons of the departments primarily involved;
  • Must include at least 10 courses, including three at the 300-level or higher;
  • Must articulate Foundation coursework, theory and methods, advanced coursework across departments and your capstone experience.
  • To set up an appointment with advising please email advising@wheatoncollege.edu

Please note that all Wheaton students MUST declare a major by the end of their sophomore year!

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