Writing faculty are available to offer the following workshops to any class. We also take requests! E-mail Professor Lisa Lebduska, Director of College Writing (lebduska_lisa@wheatonma.edu), to request a workshop or to suggest additional topics.

Invention and Planning

Finding and Shaping a Thesis

Brainstorming, Mapping, Outlining, Conversing

Role of Audience, Purpose and Genre in Reading and Writing

Rhetorical Appeals: Using Ethos, Pathos and Logos

Developing, Supporting and Organizing and Drafting

Constructing and Shaping an Argument

Assessing and Incorporating Evidence in an Argument

The Roles of Electronic Discourse in Writing Processes

Summarizing, Quoting and Paraphrasing

Critical Thinking and the Researched Argument

Effective Paragraphs in Argument Essays

Effective Introductions and Conclusions

Revising and Reflecting

Reflective cover letters

Providing feedback to other writers (peer review; class workshop)

Group Authoring: Writing collaboratively: Process, Planning, Drafting