The majority of you will write your thesis under the supervision of an advisor from your major department. The advisor will help you prepare your honors proposal, guide you in bibliographic work, meet with you to discuss your drafts during the senior year, help you find two other faculty members for your thesis committee (two other faculty members outside your major department), and ask questions during your oral defense of your thesis. In the sciences, your advisor may be part of an existing research team, and so can assign you a question to answer in his or her research program.

As soon as you have a rough idea of the area your thesis will cover, you should ask your faculty advisor, if they are not appropriate for your thesis research, for help in finding a thesis advisor. If you already have some idea of who you would like to have as an advisor, you might drop in and talk to that person during his or her office hours. Faculty are usually glad to talk to students who are contemplating advanced work of this sort. Knock on doors or e-mail faculty members.

Students who will be abroad part of all of their junior year should make contacts before they leave, or contact advisors by mail or e-mail.