Students will send an email connecting experience supervisor and MAP advisor to confirm satisfactory completion of the experience.

We encourage students considering this option to reach out to Career Services for support in their off-campus experience search.

Approved On-Campus Experience

Some on-campus experiences that meet the learning goals of Sophomore Experience, such as student employment opportunities, research with faculty members, and more, will be pre-approved to count toward the requirement.

  • These experiences will not need a Memorandum of Understanding or pre-approval by your MAP advisor.

Examples: Dialogue Facilitator with the Marshall Center, Collections and Curatorial Assistants with the Permanent Collection, Social Entrepreneurship Launch Program

Verifying your experience is complete

At the close of your off-campus or on-campus experience: YOU are responsible for providing your MAP Advisor with proof of completion of the experience (typically an email from YOU that includes both site supervisor and MAP Advisor stating the experience is complete).

Important: This step is critical to ensure that the requirement is completed for notation on your student record.

Knowing Sophomore Experience is COMPLETE on your student record:

  • Courses Tagged as “SE” for Sophomore Experience 
    • Course will appear as completing the Sophomore Experience and will display on your DegreeWorks audit.
  • For Off-Campus and On-Campus experience options
    • A notation will be made on your DegreeWorks audit recording the Sophomore Experience as completed.