What is the Connected First Year Experience (FYE)?

The Connected First Year Experience (FYE) at Wheaton College is a small discussion-centered class designed for students to engage in an interdisciplinary and collaboratively-taught fall semester course.  The FYE introduces students to multiple modes of thinking through focus on a shared topic, question, or problem that connects all of the disciplines.  Students will earn one credit for the course, typically taken as part of the full course load in the first semester at Wheaton.

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The FYE has a variety of learning goals that include the following:

  • Engage with multiple disciplinary perspectives and the tools, habits of mind, and problem solving approaches inherent in those perspectives.
  • Apply at least 2 disciplinary perspectives to address a big question, issue, or problem.
  • Create a collaborative, communicative, and cooperative cohort through classwork in teams, team projects, or shared work across sections of the Connected FYE.
  • Practice and demonstrate professional decorum through time-management, preparation, communication, and relationship-development skills to be assessed by the instructor.