What is the Connected First Year Experience (FYE)?

The Connected First Year Experience (FYE) at Wheaton College is a small discussion-centered class designed for students to engage in an interdisciplinary and collaboratively-taught fall semester course.  The FYE introduces students to multiple modes of thinking through focus on a shared topic, question, or problem that connects all of the disciplines.  Students will earn one credit for the course, typically taken as part of the full course load in the first semester at Wheaton.

Find more information about Submitting your FYE Preferences here.

There are four program level learning outcomes for FYE. Students who successfully complete the Connected First Year Experience will be able to:

  1. Recognize, compare, and evaluate multiple disciplinary perspectives and associated tools, habits of mind, and objects of study;
  2. Apply ideas and approaches from at least two disciplines to frame, address, and communicate thinking around a big question, issue, or problem;
  3. Engage in a collaborative, communicative, and cooperative cohort through classwork in teams or team projects to understand the value of divergent perspectives in addressing complex issues.
  4. With the support of MAP advisors and professional advisors, reflect on, evaluate, and modify their time management, preparation, communication, and inter-personal strategies to support their success as learners.