In addition to the various requirements under the Compass Curriculum, students have the opportunity to guide their exploration through a number of outlets.

Honors and Scholars Programs

Wheaton offers a number of accessible programs for our students to pursue through their academic career.

These programs are inclusive of the following:

Global Honors program

The Global Honors program provides a pathway for deep engagement with global learning and issues of globalization.

Eliza Wheaton Scholars program

The Eliza Wheaton Scholars program offers students who complete classes across the curriculum the designation of scholar on their transcript.

Taylor and Lane Scholars program

The Taylor and Lane Scholars program emphasizes social justice, diversity, and inclusion.


A minor consist of a small grouping of four or five courses that give a student the opportunity to engage with an additional area of interest outside of their major.


LEAPS stands for Liberal Arts and Professional Success. These short programs offer concentrations focus on interdisciplinary skill-building to help students identify and develop the skills that they will need for professional success.