To find out more about the courses being offered in the next semester, you should explore the online Schedule of Classes.

There are two search tools available. One is for searching the Banner Catalog and the other is for searching the semester schedule of course offerings.

Course Schedule

The course schedule tool includes features that allow you to search based on additional criteria, such as day and time and Compass curriculum course attributes (tags). The search tool also includes updated course notes/comments that provide important information regarding course registration.

To access the course schedule search tool, go to: Course Schedule

Instructions for using the course schedule search:

  • Select a term from the dropdown list and click continue
  • You may enter a subject, course number, and/or keyword in the screen that pops up. For example, if you enter “global honors” in the keyword search field and click search, all of the courses designated with a global honors course attribute will appear in a list.


  • After selecting a term, you may click on Advanced Search.
  • A new window appears with expanded search choices.
  • Just as in the basic search outlined above, you may enter a subject code, course number, or keyword to conduct a search.
  • Important Course Notes: To view important course information, such as pre-requisites, co-requisites, permission of instructor, reserved seating, enrollment limits, or other course-specific details.
  • Narrow your search: Additionally, you may narrow your search further by choosing to do the search With All Words, With Any Words, Exact Phrase, or Without The Word.
  • Attribute: Clicking in the Attribute field calls up a dropdown list of all existing course attributes. Please note that if you are searching for courses in the Compass curriculum, you should choose attributes that begin with “Compass:”. One of the options included in this field is “New Course”. If you choose this option, a list of all courses being offered for the first time in the selected term.
  • Departments: This function allows you to choose courses being offered by different academic departments.
  • Instructional Methods: use this field to identify courses most appropriate for first-year students.
  • Schedule Type: Choose courses by schedule type, such as labs.
  • Instructor: Search for courses to be taught by a specific faculty member.
  • Title: Search by course title. If you are not sure of the title, you may use the % as a wildcard. For example, if you are seeking a course with the word chemistry in the title, you should enter %chemistry%.
  • Course number: Search by course number or number range. For example, you may search for all level 200 and 300 courses by entering 200 to 399.
  • Credit Hour Range: Search for courses with various credit hours associated with them. For example, if you would like to view all half credit courses, enter 0 in the first field and .5 in the second field. This will return any course with .5 credits or less.
  • Meeting Days: Search for classes by the day(s) they are offered by clicking on the desired days. Please be sure to select valid class days, such as Tuesday/Thursday.
  • Start Time/End Time: Entering a start time will return a list of any course starting after the time entered.

Other Useful Tips:

You may hit the return key instead of using the search button.

You may combine search functions to narrow your search. For example, you may search for courses offered on specific days and times.

To include only classes that currently have open seats, you may click the Open Seats button at the bottom of the form and then choose additional search options.

To search for new courses being offered for the first time in the selected term, click in the Attribute field and choose “New Course”.

Cross Listed courses – If the available seats seem full in one of the listings, there may be open seats in the other. By selecting a cross listed course, you can view the cross listing for each course under Cross Listed Courses. These courses are split by program/department. This is a change from the prior practice where all registrations were directed to one course within the cross listed grouping. This means students can register under either program/department.



To access the Banner Catalog search tool, go to:  Banner Course Catalog

The search functions in the Banner Course Catalog are similar to those mentioned above in the Course Schedule Search tool except there is no term specific information associated with the courses.

For information about academic programs, academic policies, major and minor worksheets, and other requirements, please go to the College Catalog.