Getting Started with Music @ Wheaton

Welcome to Wheaton!   This page can help you get started with music lessons, music ensembles, and course registration.

Interested in lessons?
    1. “Contact an Instructor” to schedule a meeting.
    2. Register at the beginning of each semester.  Your instructor will provide a yellow registration card and will discuss options and fees. Declared music majors do not have to pay fees. (Contact the department chair with questions about early major declaration.)
    3. Important:  Taking for credit?  Plan to include for Music 114 or 115 in your course schedule during your first year of lessons. (See “Starting Music Theory” below).
    4. Want more info?
Interested in ensembles?
Starting Music Theory?

Music Theory courses are required for music majors, for students enrolled in credit lessons, and for students planning to take upper-level music courses.   The Music Theory Placement Test will help us assign you to the appropriate level of study.

    1. Before course registration, take the on-line test to see which course is best for you
    2. Prof. Will Mason will email you with a course recommendation.
Interested in other music courses?

See the complete list of music courses on the Course Catalog.

Want more information?

If you have questions about Music Theory or Music Performance, please contact:

Professor Ann Sears

Professor Will Mason