The first step in building your fall course schedule will be to enroll in a Connected First Year Experience (FYE). This section describes the First Year Experience course and includes instructions for completing your FYE Preference Form by June 1, 2022.

What is the Connected First Year Experience?

The Connected First Year Experience (FYE) at Wheaton College is a small discussion-centered class designed for students to engage in an interdisciplinary and collaboratively-taught fall semester course.  The FYE introduces students to multiple modes of thinking through focus on a shared topic, question, or problem that connects all of the disciplines.  Students will earn one credit for the course, typically taken as part of the full course load in the first semester at Wheaton.

The Fall 2022 FYE Offerings

FYE titles and course descriptions for the fall 2022 semester are available on Wheaton’s Connected First-Year Experience Course Sections and Descriptions page.

Once you have read and learned more about the available FYE sections complete the FYE Preference Form sent to your Wheaton email which is due June 1, 2022.

You will be asked to rank order the list and you will be placed in one of the top 6 FYE sections that you would be interested in taking. Please list your FYE choices in order of preference.

Once you are placed in your Connected FYE course your placement cannot be changed. If you do not submit the preference form by the deadline, you are not guaranteed one of your choices, and we may enroll you in one of the available sections of FYE.

Tips for choosing FYE courses:

  1. Rank order the FYE courses, selecting those that allow you to explore your interests and passions as top ranked. Although it doesn’t need to do so, your FYE can help you explore a potential area of major. You can also simply order them in by what FYE courses that intrigue you.
  2. Feel free to engage with topics that seem different from what you’ve studied in high school. College is different from high school, and your FYE provides an opportunity to explore new ideas, new topics, and new disciplines.
  3. Each FYE is an introductory course engaging in multiple disciplines open to every student, so no previous knowledge is necessary; try something new.
  4. Consider the other kinds of courses you will be taking alongside your FYE. How will the FYE complement those other courses?
  5. Choose the top FYE options that do not conflict with athletic or any other commitments. Remember, you will not be able to change your FYE section.

FYE placements will be available Wednesday, June 17, 2022.

To find your assigned FYE placement:

  1. Login to InsideWheaton
  2. Click on “WINDOW”
  3. From WINDOW, open “Student and Financial Records
  4. Then “Registration
  5. Then “Concise Student Schedule