As you get ready to start your Wheaton College experience, you will also provide your MAP advisor with some valuable information that enables them to better understand you, your initial goals, and ways they can support you in your success.  The first step will be for you to complete the Pre-College Advising Student Survey (PASS). Your PASS information will be sent to you and it must be completed by July 15, 2021.  Assistance and directions for the survey will be included in the email message sent to you; you can always contact Academic Advising at with any questions.

This survey is designed to help you think broadly about your first year, and to reflect on your strengths as well as the challenges you may face as you begin the transition from high school to college. It also provides you with a space to respond to some open questions so that your advisor gets to know you a bit prior to your first meeting.  This initial survey is the first step as you begin your Mentored Academic Pathway (MAP) with your MAP advisor at Wheaton.

Your responses to the survey will be shared with your MAP advisor, and selected responses will also be shared with your Preceptors who work with you as a peer advisor. In this way, the survey is designed to be a starting point for conversations about classes, extracurricular interests, and what to expect from your first semester of college.