We’re looking forward to seeing you soon at Summer Orientation!

This Academic Planning Guide is designed to help you select courses and prepare for your first year at Wheaton College.

Coming to Wheaton College will be exciting and rewarding, and will present new responsibilities and challenges. As you get ready for your Wheaton College experience, keep three themes in mind: Organization, Perseverance, and Support.


Success in college requires organization. You will need to use your time well in order to get the most out of your Wheaton College experience.

A good calendar/planner is essential. Plan to schedule of all your classes, study time, homework time, activities, and your free time. Organization helps you balance your commitments early in your first semester at Wheaton College. Although you are not in classes all day, you are expected to complete two-three hours of homework and studying outside of class for each hour you spend in the classroom. You will find that you need to plan your time carefully.

You can use a paper planner/calendar, the Google calendar associated with your Wheaton College email, iCal, or any other kind of calendar that works for you; however, no matter which kind of calendar you choose, use it consistently. Good organization and planning will help you address challenges you experience and assist you in building academic momentum.


You will experience difficulties and challenges in college that require hard work, patience, and consistent effort to resolve. Perseverance means taking responsibility for your education, your choices, and how you manage your time both inside and outside of the classroom. Perseverance requires flexibility. You will need to adapt and adjust to new expectations and requirements and be willing to try something new. There are many support services on campus (your faculty, your preceptor and peer mentors, your student success advisor, tutoring and the counseling center to name a few) ready and eager to help you address any concerns that come up in this first year.


All students need support throughout all four years of college. Support takes many forms, and you will need different kinds of support at different points in your college career. Support will always include your professors, faculty advisor and student success advisor.

During your first year, plan to use several forms of support, which can include peer tutoring, working with your faculty members during the office hours, visiting the writing center and taking full advantage of other options your faculty may recommend.

Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with your Student Success Advisor and/or the Director of Accessibility Services, at the Filene Center for Academic Advising and Career Services.

We look forward to working with you soon,

The Academic Adivsing team