Get Started with the Academic Planning Guide (APG): An Introductory Message

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Course Planning Worksheets have been emailed to incoming first-year and transfer students

The Connected First Year Experience (FYE)

The Connected First Year Experience (FYE) at Wheaton College is a small discussion-centered class designed for students to engage in an interdisciplinary and collaboratively-taught fall semester course.  The FYE introduces students to multiple modes of thinking through focus on a shared topic, question, or problem that connects all of the disciplines

The Mentored Academic Pathway (MAP)

The Mentored Academic Pathway (MAP) is a focused opportunity for reflection. As you progress through your Wheaton experience, the MAP will guide your advising conversations. Over the four years, you will reflect on a set of questions that will help you make decisions, integrate your curricular and co-curricular experiences, plan for the future, and consider your overall progress. Ultimately, the completed MAP will highlight your accomplishments and growth and helps you to be more intentional and informed about your next steps after college.