Jennifer Skinnon

Visiting Instructor of Sociology






Knapton 302

M 10-12 and by appointment


I am a doctoral candidate in Sociology at the University of Massachusetts Boston and excited to be teaching at Wheaton College this year as a visiting instructor! I specialize in urban and cultural sociology, and qualitative research methods. My research examines how intersections of race, gender, class, power, and cultural memory impact residents’ experiences and sense of belonging within changing neighborhoods. Using ethnographic methods, I examine how public spaces are used, perceived, and managed.

My work is informed by an interdisciplinary background. I aim to bring multiple perspectives into my teaching and research by actively engaging different sets of knowledge. This spring, I will have the privilege of working with undergraduate student Khushi Parikh (’25) through the Wheaton Research Partnership program. The research we will collaborate on investigates the importance of public libraries in the lives of urban residents.

Courses at Wheaton College:

Fieldwork in Communities (fall 2021)
Living in Cities: Urban Sociology (fall 2021)
Sociology of Popular Culture (spring 2022)
Travel & Tourism in Global Society (spring 2022)


Sociology, ABD
University of Massachusetts Boston

Anthropology and Women’s & Gender Studies, MA
Brandeis University

Psychology, BA
Central Connecticut State University


Leverentz, Andrea, Adam Pitman and Jennifer Skinnon. 2018. “Place and Perception: Constructions of Community Safety Across Neighborhoods and Residents.” City and Community. 17(4): 972–996.