Lee Thompson

Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology






Knapton 317A

(508) 286-3361


Main Interests

I have spent my professional life teaching, and I thoroughly enjoy it.  I have had many varied teaching experiences in my life; teaching dance to young children, teaching elementary and middle school classical curriculum, and many years of teaching psychology and education to undergraduates.  Wheaton is a fascinating place to teach because the students bring so many diverse and interesting perspectives and life experiences to my classes each year.  I usually teach Child Development and Introductory Psychology, and I enjoy them both, though they are very different. In Child Development, my goal is to lead students to a comprehensive understanding of children and to improve their observational skills over the semester; I work to begin students on a journey to becoming outstanding educators.   Besides child development, my other area of interest is the brain, and I approach Introductory Psychology from a very brain-oriented perspective.  I also combine these two areas in my teaching to highlight brain development through childhood.

Other Interests

Outside of teaching, my three main interests are my family, traveling, and traveling with my family! I have a long history with dance and theater, and I’ve recently developed a passion for soccer.


Ph.D., Emory University
M.A., University of Texas at El Paso
B.A., Vassar College