Judy LaConte

Visiting Instructor of Education






I am a National Board Certified Teacher, specializing in early childhood education. I recently retired after teaching in the Norton public schools teacher for 28 years.  I have been teaching Education courses at Wheaton since 2009. My passions lie in teaching and learning and the importance of play in the educational process.


M.Ed, Cambridge College

B.A., Niagara University




I am passionate about quality education, inquiry-based learning, and the importance of play in the learning process. Over the past twenty years, I have collaborated with P-16 colleagues regarding best educational practices, data collection and analysis of student performance, and curriculum revision and alignment. I have provided workshops for Wheaton education students on “The Art of Teaching”, “Teaching STEM in the Elementary Grades”, “Setting Up Your Classroom: Building a Classroom Community”, and “Teaching with Technology”. I have served as the Wheaton Education Department’s CAP (Candidate Assessment of Performance) Manager and have provided support for Program Supervisors, Supervising Practitioners, and Teacher Candidates. I have also served as the Chief Test Administrator for the MTEL and as the Coordinator of the Norton District Mentor Program. I was also the Coordinator of the Norton District PIP (Parent Involvement Project) Program, which was recognized by DESE and chronicled in TIME magazine for our outstanding community outreach efforts. As a National Board Certified Teacher, I have presented on “The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certification Process” to DESE, numerous school districts, and the S.E.E.S.A. (Southeast Elementary School Alliance). I continue to remain active as the Coordinator and Trainer of Substitute Teachers for the Norton Schools.


Bartolini, V., Worth, K., & LaConte, J. (2014).  A Shift to Inquiry: The Heart of Effective Teaching and Professional Development for the Twenty-First Century. The New Educator 10:1.