Janice Sklensky

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Personal Website


Science Center 1306

(508) 286-3973


Main Interests

Exploring geometry. Learning connections between math and other fields– especially art — and having “that is so cool!” moments. Talking about things mathematical and things not-mathematical with my husband. Spending time with my kids and watching them become young adults. Reading (mostly mysteries), gardening, exercising.


Ph.D., M.S., Northwestern University
A.B., University of California, Berkeley

Research Interests

For my dissertation, I studied Commutative Ring Theory and Homological Algebra. Now, I’m spending time learning non-Euclidean geometry, and exploring the connections between math and art, as I mentioned earlier.

Teaching Interests

Teaching my students how to read, learn, and do mathematics. I try to have them actually do some math during nearly every class meeting, rather than simply listening to me lecturing the whole time. I also often have the students solve relatively realistic, open-ended problems and describe their solutions in everyday language.

Student Projects

I almost always assign projects in my classes. In Math and Art, the students choose between a number of projects: some involve creating art using mathematical concepts, others involve analyzing existing art mathematically, and a few involve writing reaction papers to articles or books. In Calculus I and II, I give the students open-ended questions (in other words, realistic problems which can be solved in a variety of different ways) and ask them to, as a group, solve the problem and write a letter describing the solution to someone who is not an expert in that subject. And in Abstract Algebra, the students have individual semester-long projects to help make the material more concrete.