Alireza Shomali

Professor of Political Science, Jane E. Ruby Chair in Humanities and Social Sciences


Knapton 201

(508) 286-3685

(508) 286-3640


Main Interests

Comparative Political Philosophy


Ph.D., M.A. Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University

Research Interest: Comparative Political Theory

Teaching Interests

Pols 207; Classical Political Theory
Pols 227; Modern Political Theory
Pols 263; Politics of the Middle East
Pols 307; Freedom and Justice
Pols 337; Power and the State
Pols 347; Islamic Political Thought
Pols 357; Violence and Revolution
Pols 367; Politics and Religion
First Year Seminar; On Democracy
Senior Seminar; Conservative Political Thought




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Thoughtlessness and Decadence in Iran: A Sojourn in Comparative Political Theory. SUNY Press, forthcoming, April 2019.


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Book Chapters

“The Idea of Political Hermeneutics in Farabi’s Philosophy.” Solicited for review, the edited series inContributions to Hermeneutics. Springer.

“A Gloss on the Mirrors: Reason and Sovereignty in Ibn al-Moqaffa’s Thought.” In Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; Tension, Transmission, Transformation, edited by G. Tamer. De Gruyter (forthcoming, 2019).

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Selected Book Reviews and Articles

Yavari, Neguin. “Advice for the Sultan: Prophetic Voices and Secular Politics in Medieval Islam,” in Society for Contemporary Thought and the Islamicate World: SCTIW Review (2015).

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