The Watson Fine Arts Center contains two performance spaces: the Dorothy Littlefield Weber ’38 Theatre, a 350-seat proscenium house with a modular thrust, and the Kresge Experimental Theatre, a “black box” with flexible seating that can accommodate up to 120 spectators. Productions in these theatres, directed by both faculty and students and numbering an average of six to eight per year, cover a lot of territory: everything from semi-annual Dance Concerts and New Plays Festival to ancient Greek tragedy, modern realism, Shakespeare, farce, Beckett, musicals, and Moliere.

Dorothy Littlefield Weber Theatre

Weber TheatreThe recently renovated Weber Theatre has an intimate feel, while having seating for 350. It has a modular thrust, which can be reconfigured or removed. A beautiful burgundy, motor driven main curtain that scallops as it is taken out. In our new sound proof tech booth are the new ETC Express computer lighting console, which controls 156 dimmers, and 135 lighting instruments, and a completely new sound system. The stage has a 34’‚ proscenium opening, and a depth of 32’‚ without the thrust; wing space on both sides, with access to the scene shop off stage right and a multi-speed fly system off left.

Kresge Experimental Theatre

The Kresge Experimental Theatre is a flexible space with a new main entrance. It has seating up to 130 with 3 sets of flexible risers and new comfortable seating. The lighting system contains 64 dimmers and an Electronics Diversified 24 channel 2-scene preset lighting console. The new sound system consists of a 16 Channel Mackie sound mixer and a CD player.

Ellison Dance Studio

Dance StudioLocated in the Balfour Hood Center, the Ellison Dance Studio, was dedicated in 1986. Ellison is the primary teaching space for dance, it houses classes in ballet, jazz and world dance. It also acts the rehearsal space for the Wheaton Dance Company and student-run dance groups including TRYBE, SOLE, and Paraiso Latino. The studio is equip with a wooden sprung floor covered in marley, a sound system and an upright piano are available for accompaniment.

Ground plans