Introductory through intermediate study of the principles and vocabularies of classical ballet. Class comprises three sections:
Barre, Center and Allegro. Emphasis is placed on correct body alignment, development of whole body movement, musicality, and the embodiment of performance style. The fundamental requirements of classical dance are taught in conjunction with the dance combinations.


Introductory through intermediate jazz dance technique, including the study of body isolations, movement analysis, syncopation and specific jazz dance traditions. Emphasis is placed on enhancing musical and rhythmic phrasing, efficient alignment, clarity in complex movement combinations, and the refinement of performance style. A working knowledge of jazz dance is the desired goal of this course of study.

Dance Company (Dance Repertory)

This course offers an in-depth exploration of the aesthetic and performing issues of a specific dance idiom (ballet, modern, jazz, or others) through the study and performance of selected repertory works.