The Dance Studies Track in Theatre at Wheaton College trains students in the creative art of movement, through both practical experience and intellectual inquiry. Students work towards proficiency in a particular tradition, acquiring both physical and verbal language skills pertinent to their focus, while being exposed to a global awareness of movement and its ability to articulate and express ideas of identity, sexuality, gender, ethnicity, race and nationalism. Students learn to recognize and distinguish the many diverse sources of dance, including historical and contemporary streams of socio-cultural influence and the ever-inspiring natural world that surrounds us. The integration of body, mind and spirit informs intellectual and expressive pursuits essential to the dance track such as dance technique, choreography, production, aesthetic integrity, dance history and dance ethnography. The dance track is one step towards preparing students for further study and/or careers in the fields of performance, choreography, dance education and administration.

For more information, contact Cheryl Mrozowski, Director of Dance.

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