In our Acting/Directing Track, we strive to give our students a toolbox, vocabulary and analytic skills to engage with multifaceted texts.  As theatre practitioners, we want our students to have the ability to engage with the ever-evolving world of dramatic literature and to help students cultivate and facilitate self-awareness and development, confidence and self-assertiveness.

Learning Goals in Acting/Directing

  • To instill a respect for the art of acting
  • To experiment with ways of working on stage based on questions, observations, and exercises
  • To explore creating a role in contemporary, modern and realistic plays
  • To develop the skills necessary to score a script for character development
  • To apply the approach learned by students in beginning and intermediate acting classes to classical material from outside the traditionally labeled “realistic” or “naturalistic” realms
  • To develop professional audition technique
  • To develop an understanding of the basic principles influencing the stage director’s primary responsibilities and decision-making
  • To observe and experiment with staging
  • To practice communication with student acting colleagues
  • To learn how to read a play with an imaginative eye on live performance of that play in a theatre
  • To gain understanding of acting and directing as a business; graduate with resume and headshot and a set of polished performance skills and habits