M.A. in Integrated Marketing Communication

A degree in Integrated Marketing Communication is offered as a dual-degree program with Emerson College. For more information about this program, please write Professor John Grady.

The Salt Institute for Documentary Studies

Mission Statement: “We try to make something extraordinary out of the ordinary. We seek to capture a moment in the lives of people around us, to do justice to that moment. To do so, we work long hours at honing our craft. Some people say we’re intense. We keep trying. Our shooting might be a split-second off. Our words don’t quite describe what we mean. The page design will be cumbersome. So we go back to work again. As many times as are needed. There are no competitors here. There is no “right” way of doing things. We try try to help each other step beyond the merely good. We don’t fit into any neat categories. We combine discipline and imagination, breadth and detail. When we succeed in what we’re doing, we sit back for a minute and view what we’ve created.”

Wheaton has been affiliated with the Salt program, located in Portland, Maine, for many years. We have sent many students to Salt to provide them with an opportunity to develop and concentrate on their own projects. Most of these students have taken one or two courses in photography and a number of courses in sociology, and the Salt program allows them to blend these two areas into a visual sociology package. Students live in the Portland area while they participate in the program in housing that is available through Salt. For more information about this program, please write Professor John Grady at Wheaton College or write directly to Salt:

Salt Institute for Documentary Studies
110 Exchange Street, P.O. Box 7800
Portland, Maine 04112-7800
Tel. (207) 761-0660
e-mail: salt@ime.net

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