The Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection is an outstanding resource of over 2,000 maps. Most of them were produced by the Central Intelligence Agency and are now on-line, along with other related materials, through the library of the University of Texas at Austin. Our first three links are to the Perry-Castaneda Library Map collection.

We have singled out for you the most simple and manageable map of Russia, the “small” map from 2004. The other two links are to other key points in the PCL Collection: the list of Russia-related maps and the homepage.

Maps from the Perry-Castaneda Collection

The maps below are from a set of Soviet maps produced for the Атлас истории СССР III, для средней школы, Moscow 1950. They are historical maps representing 1905 in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, “The First Russian Revolution, Первая русская революция,” and the uprisings in StP in 1917.