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Welcome to Russian and Russian Studies…

Our courses cover language and culture (art, drama, film, literature and poetry), and fellow departments teach Russian history, politics and economics. The Russian department offers students two different majors: one in Russian language and literature, and one in Russian area studies, in which four other departments participate. There are two minors as well.

Think of Russian language as part of a whole, as a primary gateway to Russian culture. Our language courses go up to the advanced level in Russian, but we also offer plenty of literature and culture classes, many of which are taught in English.

In addition, look to the departments of EconomicsHistoryReligion and even Music and Political Science for related and connected courses. Together with our language courses as well as our literature and culture classes, we want to share critical, independent and creative thinking, and foster a richer understanding of human diversity, current affairs, and the global community.

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AND NOW: since you’ve read this far …
How’s your Russian Alphabet? Maybe better than you think.
Here’s the word for “atom”: ATOM or атом.
This is “koshka” or cat: кошка.
The words for coffee, café, mocha and coma (!) are кофе, кафемокко, кома.
Streaking up in the sky, we find: комета.
Can you guess these two cities:  Москва in Russia, Бостон in Massachusetts?*
So you know, you have just read twelve different Russian letters.

*Answer: at the bottom of the Courses Page