Law & Psychology LogoThe Law & Psychology lab is run by Christina Riggs Romaine, Ph.D. and is currently located in Knapton 316A.

Our lab examines the intersection of psychology with the law, specifically in the juvenile courts.  Over the course of adolescence youth undergo physical, cognitive, and psychosocial changes, including changes in temperance, perspective, responsibility, and emotion regulation that have implications for their abilities as participants in the justice system; including the court process and subsequent rehabilitative efforts.  Taking a clinical, developmental, perspective, we study various questions such as: How do youths’ abilities to participate in the legal process (i.e., competency to stand trial) change over time?  How do forensic evaluators consider trauma and other factors in their evaluations of youth charged with serious crimes?  How does the development of certain psychosocial abilities influence risk-taking in young adults?

Volunteering in the Law & Psychology Lab

Volunteers and research partners are welcome, particularly at the start of the academic year.  Lab members have conducted literature searches, cleaned and entered data, and collaborated on presentations for the American Psychological Association.  Experienced students are encouraged and supported to pursue their own research and honors theses.  Contact Professor Riggs Romaine  (