Past Honors Theses
Author Title
Yixi Zhou Do Machines with Artificial Intelligence Performing as Caring Companions Have Personhood and Social Rights? (2020)
Gabriella Hulsey Grounding Friendship in Non-traditional Moral Frameworks (2018)
Clare Prober The Ethical Foundations for Animal Rights (2016)
Gina DeSimone The Makings of a Monster: Exploring the Connection Between Mary Wollstonecraft’s Philosophy and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (2015)
John Green Does Freedom Imply Morality?: The Understanding and Interrelation of Freedom, Action, and Morality in Kant and Nietzsche’s Normative Philosophy (2015)
Aidan Kestigian Respect for Individuals in Theories of Criminalization (2012)
Kenneth Monroe Freedom and Normative Neutrality: Assessing Robert Nozick’s Libertarianism (2012)
Christopher Speth Happiness Through Virtue: The Egoistic Reasons for Morality (2012)
Robert Carry Osborne The Satisfactions of Subjectivity: A Defense of Idealism (2011)
Sherri Lynn Conklin Blame and Moral Indifference (2010)
Paloma Naderi Can We Talk About Women as Women? A Philosophical Inquiry into the Feminist Essentialist Debate (2009)
Gabrielle Nussbaum Answers to the Tragedy of the Commons (2008)
Maya Milic-Strkalj Liberalism as Feminism: Martha Nussbaum’s Capabilities Approach (2008)
Rebecca Faulkner To live or let die : a perspective on the morality of euthanizing severely handicapped infants (2006)
Julia Rae Felder The ideal of the moral law within : how rational beings find perfectionism in imperfect duties (2006)
Heather Ann Mills On the nature of persons (2006)
Elisabeth A. Christensen The metaphysical foundations of animal welfare (2005)
Carolyn Wills Death and dying in the twenty-first century : an argument for the moral permissibility of physician-assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia (2005)
Trishula Oswald Responsibility, choice, and alternatives : the presuppositions of Harry Frankfurt’s counterexample (2004)
Jessica L. Gordon HIV/AIDS in the world : a test of Western ethos (2004)
TeriLyn Colaluca A just perspective : a philosophical look at women’s human rights, the family & justice (2001)
David T. Casey Negative rights and social indifference : trying to resuscitate Robert Nozick’s libertarianism (2001)
Jennifer C. Durette Towards a science of the mind (2000)
Lara Edinger Kant and McTaggart on time (1998)
Robert M. Bosco The human rights argument (1996)
Michelle Ann Ripa Prodigal daughters : an ethnographic study of teenage mothers / by Michelle Ann Ripa. (1996)
Richmond dePeyster Talbot The ethical permissibility of procuring anencephalic infants organs before the cessation of spontaneous cardio-respiratory functions (1993)
Stephanie A. DiFillipo Alasdair Macintyre : the narrative unity of a human life (1990)
Amy R. Nelson Investigating knowledge : an analysis of Plato’s Theaetetus (142a-187b) (1990)
Kelly. Sjölander Arguments from moral and legal philosophy rejecting the justifiability of reverse discrimination (1990)
Katherine G. Moulton Feeding children on philosophy : Maternal thinking and Virginia Woolf (1990)
Elizabeth Brooke. Ward Why Kantian conceptions of morality are too demanding (1988)
Lisa E. Ledoux Immanuel Kant’s theory of space (1985)
Barbara Ellen Holmes The effects of industrialization on children in the mills and mines in nineteenth century England (1985)
Lindsay Glickman The internal morality of adjudication : an assessment of two models (1983)
Monica Foulkes Reason and ends in Aristotle’s Ethics (1982)
Beth A. Rushford Liberty and legitimacy : administrative regulation and the rule of law (1979)
Susan W. Klein A philosophical analysis of creativity in art (1973)
Suzanne Hurley The nature of political obligations (1972)
Carol A. Joffe Wittgenstein and the nature of logical necessity (1972)
Julia Benedict Newton The nature of love; a philosophical analysis of an emotion (1971)
Susan J. Leach On the nature of metaphor (1970)
Susan Barrett Matthews The nature of moral language: an explication and critical analysis of The language of morals by R.M. Hare (1969)
Constance H. Cavanaugh Where is there? The problem of urban identity in America (1968)
Ellen Ann Greengross The relevance of phenomenology: Maurice Merleau-Ponty (1968)
Louise M. Henn Morality as metaphysically based: an exploration into the philosophy of Samuel Alexander (1968)
Elizabeth L. Athey The contemporary relevancy of utopian philosophy (1968)
Kathleen M. McNally The implication of four Upanishads for the political theory of India (1968)
Hope Wilson Hindu and Buddhist concepts in T.S. Eliot’s “Four Quartets” (1968)
Katherine C. Crosby The concept of time (1967)
Sue Marie Perrott Dasein’s analysis and the question of authenticity (1967)
Patricia A. King The influence of six writers on the intellectual evolution of German nationalism (1963)
Abigail Harriet Oberlin “All good things come in threes.” An explication of Hegel’s doctrine of the notion (1963)
Tulin Mentese Kant’s view of the moral law and its consequences for certain religious concepts (1962)
Roberta Sue Shuler The function of the fine arts in civilization (1961)
Catherine M. Speers Dostoyevsky’s views on suffering (1961)
Sara G. Terry The still points and the turning world; a study of T.S. Eliot’s concept of time and the relationship between the temporal and the permanent, as found in “Four Quartets” (1960)
Dorothy Jane Kerper The nature and significance of choice in Aristotle, Sartre and Kierkegaard (1958)
Nancy Ann Gattuso Order and disorder in the arts (1956)
Regina Catherine Bahlman The dark tower (1952)
Lois Caldwell Study of language (1950)
Carolyn Rice Creativity in ethics (1950)
Dorothy Soest The rational animal: a study of reason and the senses in Aristotelean and Kantian epistemology with its relation to the will in their ethics (1949)
Mary Elizabeth Shreve The lion and the unicorn: a study in the duality of love (1948)
Rebecca Dooey Philosophic background of Fascism (1939)