All our courses are designed to nurture critical, independent as well as creative thinking, and to cultivate a deeper understanding of today’s global community and oneself as an engaged citizen.

In specific terms, German and German Studies majors will:

  • Achieve at least the B-2 level of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) assessment guideline which entails the ability to converse in German on a wide range of topics, to comprehend and analyze basic German texts, and to write on non-technical topics;
  • Be familiar with a wide range of methodologies and frameworks for the analysis of German culture and use close reading and critical thinking skills to analyze German texts and materials;
  • Be knowledgeable in representative works of German literature, cinema, music, fine arts and architecture and their place in today’s globalized context;
  • Be able to conceptualize, develop, and engage complex research both orally and in writing;
  • Acquire  a broad understanding of the historical and cultural events that have shaped German society and demonstrate clear awareness of change and continuity within the history of Germany especially since 1945;
  • Develop cross- and inter-cultural sensitivity that will enable them to function in a German-speaking cultural environment.