Wheaton offers both peer and professional tutoring to all students. Peer tutors work late afternoons and evenings, Sunday through Thursday, on a drop-in basis, no appointment needed. Professional tutors, who are also writing faculty, work Monday through Friday during the day. In response to the Covid pandemic, and in order to keep our community safe, all tutoring for the 2020-2021 academic year will occur remotely, via Google Meet or Zoom. Both groups work with students from all majors on any type of writing, whether it’s for a class or is self-sponsored, at any stage in the writing process.

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Tutoring for Students

We encourage all students to work with our faculty writing tutors. Students who face ongoing challenges with writing such as learning differences or extreme writing anxiety can may make weekly appointments with these writing tutors. Honors Thesis writers may also wish to set up regular appointments with faculty, who can provide continuity on larger projects.These tutors confer with students from all disciplines, and at any stage in their writing process, from invention to editing. Their office locations and tutoring hours appear below. All of these faculty teach or have taught writing courses.

Students may bring in any form of writing, at any stage, or even just the writing assignment itself. Faculty tutors can help you to get started, to move forward (developing, clarifying, supporting, organizing ideas) and to go back and revise and edit. They’ll show you what is working well so you can build on that and they’ll also help you see where you can improve.

Consultations with Faculty

Writing faculty are also available to confer with colleagues and to present workshops to specific classes or other groups about issues related to teaching writing. Such issues include, but are not limited to:

  • Course and/or assignment design
  • Responding to and evaluating student writing
  • Researching
  • Collaborative writing

Tutoring for the Fall semester will begin the week of August 24. Please check back here then for hours and instruction.

Ruth Foley


Angie Sarhan


Professor Campana has retired and is no longer tutoring, but she continues to teach First-Year Writing. You can still reach her at ccampana@wheatonma.edu.

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Peer Tutoring at Wallace Library

Writers collaborate! They test approaches; they reorganize claims; they check to see if they’ve sufficiently supported their arguments. Our peer writing tutors work with writers in the tutoring room of Wallace Library (first door on your left after the main entrance).

Wheaton peer tutors work with writers on these aspects of composing and more. All of our tutors have successfully completed a course in peer tutoring (EDU 220). They’re great listeners who have a knack for helping other writers to improve their drafts.

Meet your Peer Tutors

Peer Tutoring Schedule


If you have questions about becoming a peer tutor, contact Professor Ruth Foley.

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