Wheaton’s peer writing tutors work in Wallace Library. (The first door on your left after you enter via the main entrance.)

Drop in on them if you seek advice from experienced student writers.

If you need more specialized support, email one of our writing faculty tutors for an appointment.

Support Courses

Students may enroll in College Writing Workshop regardless of their major or class year. This is a half-credit workshop course.

Multilingual (ESL) students may enroll in Writing for Multilingual Students, a half-credit workshop course for international students.

Graduate School in Writing Studies

Graduate schools in writing studies (also known as composition and rhetoric) study writing pedagogy, and offer specializations in areas as varied as public persuasion; civic engagement; multi-language learning; writing center tutoring and administration, and science and technical writing. There are over 70 doctoral programs and 170 Master’s Degree programs in this writing studies in the U.S.

"March of the Acid-Free Paper" celebrates the completion of Honors Theses.
“March of the Acid-Free Paper” celebrates the completion of Honors Theses.

Helpful Websites

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