Wheaton students share their ideas, insights and knowledge through multiple media.


Rushlight cover
Nearly 175 years old, Wheaton’s annual literary magazine publishes poetry, prose and original artwork. November deadlines. Contact Professor Sue Standing (sstandin@wheatoncollege.edu) to learn more. Search Rushlight

Ten-Minute Play Festival

Playwright-in-Residence Professor Charlotte Meehan runs this competition twice yearly, once in October and once in February. Contact Charlotte at  cmeehan@wheatonma.edu for details.

The Wheaton Wire

Wheaton’s only student-run newspaper featuring both on and off-campus news. Contact Adam Kilduff, Editor-in-Chief, at thewheatonwire@gmail.com for staff and editor opportunities.

Emily Crump, Biology Major, 2015

Emily Crump

Emily’s love for photography is visible in her 100%-original portfolio.

Sara Victor, Film & New Media Studies, Studio Art, 2014

Sara Victor

Sara developed this blog as a personal archive of insights, clips, favorites, and quotes from classic movies. Sara and Professor Josh Stenger presented this compilation at the President’s Commission in 2011.

Brian Jencunas, Political Science, 2014


Brian expresses his passion for politics in his weekly column for The Huffington Post. The same column is subsequently published in The Wheaton Wire.

Student Employment in Communications

Wheaton’s Communications Office offers paid and unpaid opportunities for student writers, graphic designers, and photographers. Please contact Michael Graca, Assistant Vice President of Communications, for more information.

Share Your Thesis

Planning for post-graduation? Finishing your senior thesis? Share it with current students in Wheaton’s Digital Repository.

Student Blogs


Sara Stribling, 2014, Music. Meetmeinsouthafrica.tumblr.com – personal study abroad blog/travel for South Africa

Nurit Applbaum, 2014, Anthropology & Asian Studies. Nurit.tumblr.com – personal photographic documentation of places traveled based on personal interest in visual anthropology-ethnographic photography/documentary work.

Gabe Bornstein, 2014, FNMS. Czechme207.com – photography of Prague: architecture, people, landscapes, food, etc.


Hillary Shusterman, 2014, Art History. Chicenchocolat.wordpress.com – fashion, healthy living, advice.

Allie Tetreault, 2014, English w. concentration in contemporary media & culture. Actuallyallie.wordpress.com – advice blog about magic, beauty, fashion, movies, self-discovery, etc. Also features many articles about self-esteem, internships, feminism, and a capella.

Julie Bogen, 2014, Film & New Media. Lapetitprepster.wordpress.com – a fashion, home, and lifestyle blog.


Chelsea Malcolm, 2015. Secretsofa.tumblr.com A collection of personal or anonymous secrets submitted by Chelsea, her friends, and her readers.

Marise Jimemez, 2013, Hispanic Studies. Marisejimenez.com – musings, traveling, advice, thoughts, creative writings.

Tyler Vendetti, 2015, English. Heytherefuture.wordpress.com

Melissa Baron, 2012, Hispanic Studies. Melissacristinabaron.com – poetry, short stories, scripts, articles or song lyrics

Nataja Flood, 2016, Undecided. www.natajaflood.wix.com/heartistry – a conglomeration of beautiful things and self-expression


Matt Bond, 2014, Math. Bondsports.wordpress.com – articles about biggest sports stories. Also functions as a home for picked winners of regular season games in NBA, NFL and MLB. Records success percentages for comparison and statistical analysis.


Cooper Hardee, 2013, FNMS. Animaginarycountry.wordpress.com – blog developed as a final project for ENG 331 (digital culture)

Sara Victor, 2014, FNMS. saras-silverscreen.tumblr.com – Domain for all film insights, archives, photographs, quotes, clips, and actor/film preferences. Developed by working through film lists (e.g. American Film Institute and National Film Registry). Presented for President’s Commission with Professor Josh Stenger

Julie Bogen, 2014, Film & New Media. The Internet as a Beneficent Weapon – http://jabogen.wordpress.com/ – blog developed as final project for ENG 331 (digital culture)


Emily Crump, 2015, Biology. Ecrumphotography.tumblr.com – Completely photographs taken by Emily

Ayres Stockly, 2016, Undecided. Walkerstocklyphotography.tumblr.com

Chelsea Malcolm, 2015. Chels-photos.tumblr.com – Favorite photos she has taken, all original and Flickr.com/photos/chelsmalcolm/sets Digital photography portfolio

Gay Rights

Madison Wolters, 2015, Creative Writing Ohreallyonline.wordpress.com


Brian Jencunas, 2014, Political Science. huffingtonpost.com/brian-jencunas – Weekly political blog via the Huffington Post


Matthew Perutz, 2016, Undecided. Lookslikeitstryingtorain.tumblr.com – Drawings made on the computer

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