Sticky notes about why I writeIntroduction to College Writing (English 101) teaches students to think flexibly about writing. In this class, you’ll learn how to think about audience, purpose, and rhetorical contexts.  “Writing” becomes much more than avoiding grammatical mistakes (though you will, of course, be expected to write relatively error-free prose). The course will help prepare you to write in your other classes as well as in your life outside the classroom.

Most sections of this course are topic-based and all sections have a maximum of 16 students. Course work includes developing thesis statements; selecting, organizing, presenting and documenting evidence, and refining prose. You’ll confer individually with  your professor about your writing. You’ll also participate in some sort of writing workshop, whether in the form of paired peer review or a full-class discussion about a draft in progress. Ideally by taking this course you’ll become a reflective practitioner–that is, a thoughtful writer–about an ancient but continuously evolving craft.

Important Links

Photo of Keegan 2020
Keegan Class of 2020 writes a crisp sentence.
Maria Ticona (Class of 2014) created this rendition of her writing process.