All students applying for entrance into one of our licensure programs – secondary, elementary, or early childhood – must follow the procedures outlined below:

  1. Arrange for an initial interview with the appropriate advisor.
  • Prof. Scott Gelber: Secondary
  • Prof. Sara Donaldson or Alessandra Ward: Elementary & Early Childhood
  1. Create and receive a Massachusetts Education Personnel Identifier (MEPID). Go to the MA Department of Education website and click “ELAR” on the right side. Once in ELAR, click “Create ELAR Profile” and complete this process in order to be assigned a MEPID. Be sure to enter accurate information and keep your login & password someplace safe.  Email your MEPID to the appropriate advisor.
  2. Register for the MTEL Communication & Literacy exam.
  3. Complete a Major Declaration Form: insideWheaton>>WINDOW>>Student & Financial Records>>Registration Forms (email the completed Google form to the appropriate advisor).
  4. Begin a 4-year plan with your advisor. This plan is tentative and will likely change over the course of your undergraduate years. As soon as you declare your education licensure major, this plan should be shared with your other (non-education) major advisor.