The Education Department prepares majors to perform the following tasks, as specified by the Candidate Assessment of Performance (CAP) of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. If students complete the student teaching practicum (Education 496) but do not receive the requisite CAP ratings, they will not be eligible for licensure. In this event, Education 496 will be converted into an Independent Study and the Education Major will be converted into an Education Minor.

Well Structured Lessons

  • Develop well-structured and highly engaging lessons with appropriate pacing/sequence and challenging, measurable objectives
  • Use appropriate student motivation strategies, including engaging activities, materials, resources, and technologies
  • Organize grouping to attend to every student’s needs

Adjustment to Practice

  • Analyze assessment results to determine progress toward intended outcomes
  • Use data to adjust practice and implement differentiated interventions
  • Make appropriate modifications of lessons and units.

Meeting Diverse Needs

  • Use a varied repertoire of practices to create opportunities for each student to meet or exceed academic standards and behavioral expectations

Safe Learning Environment

  • Use rituals, routines, and proactive responses that create and maintain a safe physical and intellectual environment where students take academic risks
  • Create an environment that supports students in playing active roles in preventing behaviors that interfere with learning

High Expectations

  • Effectively model and reinforce ways that students can consistently master challenging material through effective effort
  • Successfully challenge students’ misconceptions about innate ability

Reflective Practice

  • Regularly reflect on the effectiveness of lessons, units, and interactions with students
  • Use and share insights gained to improve practice and student learning