The Chemistry Department has three main teaching laboratories in the Mars Center for Science and Technology.

The Introductory Laboratory (pictured below) houses Chemical Principles (Chem 153) during the fall semester and Aqueous Equilibria (Chem 232) during the spring semester.  This laboratory was designed for maximum flexibility and can accommodate up to twenty students working in pairs or groups of four or twelve students working individually.

Introductory Laboratory

The Organic Laboratory (pictured below) houses Organic I (Chem 253) during the spring semester and Organic II (Chem 254) during the fall semester.  This laboratory can accommodate up to sixteen students working individually with dedicated fume hood and writeup space for each student.  Equipment and instrumentation such as rotary evaporators, melting point apparatus and an FT-IR spectrometer are also housed in this space.

Organic Panoama

The Chemistry Superlab is an series of four interconnected rooms, the Evans-Jennings-Marshall Seminar Room, an HVAC Intensive Laboratory (immediately below), a less HVAC Intensive Laboratory and an Instrument Room (second below).  The Superlab houses all of our upper level courses which in a typical year may include Inorganic (Chem 261), Instrumental Analysis (Chem 332), Thermodynamics (Chem 355), Quantum Mechanics (Chem 356), Advanced Organic (Chem 362) and special topics courses.

Advanced Panorama

Instrument Room