In the Biology department at Wheaton, students at all levels are encouraged to get involved in active research. Students have opportunities to work closely with faculty experts for academic credit in diverse fields of biology from environmental to organismal to cellular and molecular levels. With their faculty mentors, students make discoveries in areas of interest to them and have opportunities to present their work at regional, national, and international meetings. In addition, Wheaton holds its own Academic Festival annually to highlight and celebrate student research.

Student-faculty research continues year-round supported by a variety of Wheaton sources including Wheaton Foundation Awards as well as Mars Fellowships for Student-Faculty Research Collaboration which support student-faculty research projects over the summer. Interested students should contact faculty directly about research opportunities in their laboratories. Work-study positions are also available in many labs.

Betsey Dyer and class

Funding Sources for Student Research Projects

* Wheaton Foundation Awards
* Wheaton Research Partnership
* Tri Beta Biological Honor Society
* Sigma Xi Grants-in-aid of Research

Summer Research Opportunities

* Mars Faculty-Student Research Fellowship
* Wheaton Summer Fellowship


Professor Robert Morris and student