Digital Storytelling can be an extremely effective way of encouraging reflection around complex, intense experiences — such as travel or an internship — and helping to distill moments of transformation (Digital Storytelling has been described as a particularly effective way to “turn experience into learning”).

Telling stories of travel

For her Anthropology 215 class, Prof. Donna Kerner took Wheaton students to Tanzania, Africa. Her purpose was to:

Put a human face on some of the complex policy issues targeting development in the Third world [and], even briefly, learn to speak and think in a different cognitive domain, and […] connect with people whose lives are different from their own.

Two students on the Tanzania trip, Jessie Davidson and Emily DeWet, created their own Digital Story to relate an experience in which they encountered an artist in a local market. After recording over an hour of field interviews, they produced this short video that teased out one of many threads covered in their conversation:

“Juma,” a digital story by Jessie Davidson and Emily DeWet