Established in 1965 by friends of Professor Cressey, a member of the Anthropology and Sociology Department from 1932 to 1964. Awarded at Honors Convocation each year to a senior major for superior achievement in the field of Anthropology.

Cressey Prize Recipients
Year Winners
2023 Cameron Gillooly and Rosie Iaria
2021 Brooke Musial and James Margotta
2020 Zuzka Czerw
2018 Andru Anderson
2017 Allison Miller and Bay Gammans
2016 Paige Willard (magna cum laude)
2015 Cecilia Kruger (suma cum laude)
2014 Maye Emlein (magna cum laude) and Nurit Applbaum (magna cum laude)
2013 Nanako Ota (suma cum laude) and Sara Cressey (magna cum laude)
2012 Juliana Bennington (suma cum laude) and Margaux Fisher (magna cum laude)
2011 Tofani Grava (cum laude, Honors) and Natalia Von Sonn (cum laude)
2010 Cassandra Warnick (cum laude, Honors, Phi Beta Kappa)
2009 Chelsey Taylor (magna cum laude; Fulbright
2008 Heather Lobitz (summa cum laude; Meneeley
) and Ashley Smith (summa cum laude; Honors; Beinecke
Scholar, Fulbright Fellow
2007 Brooke Alam (magna cum laude)
2006 Sara Hudson (magna cum laude; Fulbright
) and Kiersten Pfeifer (summa cum laude)
2005 Liza Semler (cum laude; Watson Fellow)
2004 Carrie Prior (summa cum laude)
2003 Jon Lyons (summa cum laude; Honors)
2002 Megan McGrath (summa cum laude)
2001 Jennifer Rolfs (summa cum laude)
2000 Alexander Kostopoulos and Corlyn Secchiaroli
1999 Allison Nagy (summa cum laude; Honors)
1998 Binh Nguyen and Carrie Puglisi (summa cum laude;
1997 Alyce Gowdy-Wrigh (magna cum laude; Honors)
and Trillium Levine (cum laude; Honors)
1996 Nicole Jyringi (summa cum laude) and Rachel
Sponzo (summa cum laude)
1995 Susannah Snowden (cum laude) and Suzanne
1994 Marcela Aguilar (magna cum laude)
1993 Marie Curcio (cum laude)
1992 Kirsten Cappy (cum laude)
1991 Candi Bourque (magna cum laude)
1990 Nina Murphy (magna cum laude; Honors)
1989 Niki Couloumbis (cum laude; Honors) and Katie
Nye (cum laude; Honors)