Students Awarded Departmental Honors

  • Juan Felipe Riaño
    Ungendering the Intersex Body (2014)
    Supervised by Torres
  • Sally Dexter
    Consuming Coffee, Drinking Democracy: Fair and Direct Trade Coffee in Alternative Markets (2012)
    Supervised by Torres
  • Tofani Grava
    The Mormon Culture of Community and Recruitment (2011)
    Supervised by Owens
  • Cassandra Warnick
    Why do you Honk? An Ethnographic Study of a Festival for Activist/Street Bands? (2010)
    Supervised by Owens
  • Lily Mulcahy
    I’m Too Young for This: Multivocality in Young Adult Cancer Advocacy (2009)
    Supervised by Kerner
  • Ashley Smith
    How Indian Are You Anyway: The Abenaki of the Northeast and the ‘Indian Problem’ of the 21st Century (2008)
    Supervised by Kerner
  • Jon Lyons
    In the Shadows After Socialism: Emerging Markets and Ancestral Values in a Rural Mongolian District (2003)
    Supervised by Owens
  • Susan (Libby) Bixby
    Embodying Inequality in Ecuador: Children, Identity and Pedagogy (2001)
    Supervised by Albro
  • Travis Andrade
    The End of the Bronze Age in the Eastern Mediterranean (2000)
    Supervised by Owens
  • Allison Nagy
    Illness, Identity, and Culture: Asthma as a Socio-cultural Phenomenon (1999)
    Supervised by Kerner
  • Carrie Puglisi
    Cultured Tourism for Sustaining Development in Bali, Indonesia(1998)
    Supervised by Owens
  • Melissa Perna
    Evolving Families: Interracial Adoption in the United States (1998)
    Supervised by Kerner
  • Robin Cullen
    Ties That Bind: Ethnicity at Wheaton College (1998)
    Supervised by Kerner
  • Alyce Gowdy-Wright
    Pediatric Chronicity and Patient Support (1997)
    Supervised by Kerner
  • Trillium Levine
    The Evolution of a Hazardous Waste Dispute: A processual Approach (1997)
    Supervised by Kerner
  • Kathryn Haigh
    An Investigation of Immigrant Absorption: The Experience of Russian Single-Parent Families Headed by Women in Israel(1994)
    Supervised by Kerner
  • Nina Murphy
    Life Betwixt and Between: The Impact of the Continuing Education Process on Wheaton College CE Students and Their Family Members (1990)
    Supervised by Kerner
  • Katherine Nye
    The Power of Productivity: Polygyny and Power in Luo Society(1989)
    Supervised by Kerner
  • Nikki Coulombis
    Consumption, Social Control, and the Construction of Identity: Observations of Dining Patterns on a College Campus (1989)
    Supervised by Kerner

Are you interested in pursuing departmental Honors in Anthropology?

In brief…

  • Honors are by invitation of the department at the end of a student’s junior year.
  • Minimum GPA requirements: overall 3.0; in the major 3.3.
  • Submission of Institutional Review Board proposal at the end of a student’s junior year. Submission of a completed IRB Research Proposal Form (pdf) for departmental and institutional approvals.
  • Completion of IRB approvals or an official IRB exemption from review is required prior to starting fieldwork.
  • Two semesters of independent work beyond the usual major requirements for graduation are required as is the successful completion of an oral examination of the Honors Thesis.

For greater depth see Departmental Guidelines for Honors in Anthropology and Anthropology and IRB.