The Department of Anthropology has drafted guidelines entitled Ethnographic Research and IRB (pdf) which are intended to help inform the process of IRB oversight of ethnographic research that is conducted for the purposes of the ongoing research of our department faculty and students.

If alternative consent procedures are merited, the Guidelines to Alternative Consent and Risk Reduction Procedures for Ethnographic Research (pdf) can be a good start to think through materials to be included in an IRB proposal submission.

Are you interested in pursuing departmental Honors in Anthropology?

In brief…

  • Honors are by invitation of the department at the end of a student’s junior year.
  • Minimum GPA requirements: overall 3.0; in the major 3.3.
  • Submission of Institutional Review Board proposal at the end of a student’s junior year.
  • Submission of a completed IRB Research Proposal Form (pdf) for departmental and institutional approvals.
  • Completion of IRB approvals or an official IRB exemption from review is required prior to starting fieldwork.
  • Two semesters of independent work beyond the usual major requirements for graduation are required as is the successful completion of an oral examination of the Honors Thesis.

For greater depth see Departmental Guidelines for Honors in Anthropology.