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Academic Planning Guide


Getting Started

The Academic Planning Guide is designed to prepare you for your first year at Wheaton College, and help you choose courses for the fall semester.

But beyond the logistics of choosing courses, we hope the Academic Planning Guide will help you think about the transition to college. Coming to college will be exciting and rewarding, but it will also present new responsibilities. No matter what your secondary school experience was like, you will face some new challenges in your first year of college. Your entire year will be a learning experience. Approach it with an open mind. Approach it in a spirit of discovery and fun. Not only will you learn about your academic subjects, you will learn about yourself as well.

As you get ready to come to Wheaton, think about the following:


What do you hope to achieve in college? What passions do you want to pursue? What new fields do you want to explore?


The ability to adapt and adjust is essential to intellectual growth. Try something new. Be open to change. Be open to difference.


Seek the excitement of intellectual discovery. There is a wealth of opportunity at Wheaton. Be passionate about all of your pursuits, in and out of the classroom.

Ask for Help

Don’t be afraid to make use of Wheaton’s resources, or ask questions. There are many people on campus who will help you think through problems and guide you to new opportunities.


Take responsibility for your education. Be an engaged member of the campus community.

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