Thank you for completing your campus-based COVID-19 test. Your test results will be available in 24-36 hours. Instructions on how to retrieve your results can be found below as well as via the Broad Institute’s CareEvolve presentation.

How to Obtain Your Test Results

An email will be sent to your Wheaton College email address from and titled Lab results available from your provider – Register now.

Click on the link in the email to register on the CareEvolve system. You will be brought to this patient registration screen:

Testing Registration Screenshot

Enter your email address and the Registration code in the email. Click Begin Registration. 

On the next screen you will need to enter some additional information to verify your identity

  • Please make sure you enter the address you are living at this fall. If you are living on campus, this address is 26 East Main Street, Norton, MA 02766
  • If you get an error that the zip code does not match, please try moving the first zero to the last spot (i.e. 02766 would be entered as 27660)

Once you register with CareEvolve, you will get a second email from titled Lab results available from your provider – Confirm Registration.  Click on the link in this email and you will be brought to this screen:

Broad Testing Site Authorization Code Screenshot

Enter the confirmation code (different from the registration code above) and click I’m not a robot.

Your testing results will be listed by day and you can click on the collected date to see the report.

Broad Test Results Individual Dashboard

Broad Individual Test Results

Test Results Descriptions
Here is a complete list of test result definitions, effective February 15, 2021.
Test Result Reason
Negative 2019-novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) not detected by the qRT-PCR assay. Consider testing for other respiratory viruses or re-collecting for 2019-nCoV testing. Note: Optimum timing for peak viral levels during infections caused by 2019-nCoV have not been determined. Collection of multiple specimens from the same patient may be necessary to detect the virus.
Positive Positive for detection of 2019-novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) by qRT-PCR.
Invalid This specimen failed to produce a valid result. An invalid result can mean that no nucleic acids (viral or human) were detected, or that the result otherwise did not meet our quality control specifications. Recommend re-collection of specimen
Inconclusive (new) Inconclusive for SARS-CoV-2 by RT-PCR with one of the two viral probes (either N1 or N2) being detected while the other is not detected. Recommend re-collection of specimen
TNP/Unsatisfactory Test not performed with unsatisfactory reasoning codes due to label issues, uncapped or broken tube, excessive mucus on the sample, or swab was upside down in tube

Questions? Please visit If you do not find the answer to your question on the CareEvolve website, please email