Student Housing

For the 2021-2022 academic year, residence halls are back to traditional capacity and rooms are back to their standard single, double, triple, and quad occupancy, based upon room size.

Limited on-campus quarantine and isolation housing will remain in place. Bringing and having ready a Quarantine Bag is an essential thing to have while on campus. This will contain necessary items and supplies in the event that you are moved to quarantine housing – which is likely to happen unexpectedly and require urgency.

Resident students are allowed to visit other students in different residence halls and theme houses and must not exceed more than one guest per resident assigned to the room.  Commuter and off-campus resident students are permitted in the residence halls as long as they are in the testing cadence.

We encourage our students to continue to limit their travel off-campus. Students who must leave campus are encouraged to take safety precautions to mitigate the risk of transmission of the virus.

Quarantine and Isolation

In alignment with CDC guidance, Wheaton College has adopted new protocols and timelines for quarantine and isolation:

  • If you receive a positive test result, and are asymptomatic, you may depart your isolation on day 5 after receiving your positive test. You will be expected to wear a well-fitted mask and not go to places where you are unable to wear a mask, such as restaurants and some gyms, and avoid eating around others until 10 days after your last close contact with someone with COVID-19. 
  • If you receive a positive test result, and are experiencing symptoms, you may depart isolation on day 5 after the positive test if symptoms improve including fever-free for 24 hours. You will be expected to wear a well-fitted mask and to not go to places where you are unable to wear a mask, such as restaurants and some gyms, and avoid eating around others until after 10 days after your last close contact with someone with COVID-19. If symptoms have not improved by day 5, you may depart isolation when symptoms improve. 
  • If you are deemed a close contact of a positive case, you will be required to quarantine if you are experiencing symptoms and/or you have not received a recommended booster shot when eligible.

Upon recommendation from the COVID Task Force, any student who tests positive and lives within a reasonable distance of campus will be expected to return to their permanent address to complete their isolation period. We have seen the vast majority of students take this action throughout the pandemic to prioritize their personal comfort and mental health during the isolation period. We are encouraging this practice to continue so we can preserve isolation space and resources for other students who do not have that flexibility.


We are committed to providing a robust dining experience for our community. After the takeout dining option for a student’s modified quarantine upon move-in, we do not anticipate any restrictions specific to the dining facilities that are in addition to the campus policies already in place. Masks will not be required inside dining facilities when actively eating or drinking. Dining protocols are established in accordance with emerging state and federal guidelines, which may mean dialing back at any time due to changing conditions. Outdoor tables and seating are available for use.

At this time, there should be no eating in classrooms. Exceptions will be made for students who have a documented medical condition where they would need to be provided the opportunity to eat in a classroom.

It is permissible to briefly remove your mask to take a quick sip of a drink, even if masking is required where you are. In the interests of public health, individuals should refrain from talking when drinking, and their mask should be replaced immediately. The preferred manner of drinking is to use a reusable, eco-friendly straw that does not require you to remove your mask. 

When eating in dining areas, individuals may remove masks only when actively eating and drinking. Unvaccinated individuals should ensure they take steps to plan and protect themselves while eating and drinking by remaining physically distanced from others. Anyone who is not actively eating or drinking should wear a mask.

Building Access 

Campus buildings and offices will be open and available to campus community members. Please keep in mind that some buildings may require proof of your “cleared” status on the CoVerified app confirming that you have submitted your daily symptom checker. 

Student Support Services

The Counseling Center will be providing both in-person and teletherapy support this coming academic year.  Students are encouraged to connect with the Counseling Center to learn about services  and schedule an appointment.  Beginning the first day of classes (8/31/21) students can connect with the Counseling Center by calling (508-286-3905), Stopping by (42 Howard St), or submitting an Appointment Request Form on InsideWheaton.

Any student, no matter where you are in the world, is able to access the Counseling Center Mental Health Support Line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week anytime Counseling staff is unavailable. While this is not ongoing therapy, clinicians are on call to help you manage in the moment. You may call this FREE resource as much as you need, and language options other than English are available.

To discuss how we might be able to support you, or access the Counseling Center Mental Health Support Line, please give us a call at 508-286-3905 and follow the voicemail prompts to be connected to the right resource.