There are numerous iPad apps that can be used wirelessly with a computer projector to create a classroom whiteboard.  Many of these apps are free. When using one of these apps, more precise writing and drawing capabilities are facilitated by using a stylus pen.

Whiteboard apps are easy to learn and the brief screencast video below (1 min 33 sec) illustrates some of the basic functionality available.  Use the icon on the far right of the video navigation bar to view the full-size video.  Note that the video is only accessible on campus.

Some Advantages of iPad Whiteboard Apps

Advantages of using these apps vs a traditional whiteboard include:

  • Photos can be added from the iPad’s camera roll and annotated. This includes screen captures of content from other iPad apps
  • Any object on the whiteboard (text, drawings, photos) can be selected and moved around the whiteboard in real time to illustrate thought processes, etc.
  • Some whiteboard apps also provide typing capabilities with adjustable font sizes using the iPad’s virtual keyboard, providing additional user control over both the content display and the amount of content that can be included in each whiteboard
  • The iPad’s zoom and pan interface features are available in the app
  • Because the iPad is a mobile wireless device, the instructor is not constrained to a single location in the classroom while using the whiteboard
  • Content can be edited, saved and reused.
  • Content can be saved in multiple files (each with multiple pages) for organizational purposes
  • Some of the apps can import and export content from cloud storage (DropBox, Google Drive, etc.) for backup purposes


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