The onCourse LMS (learning management system) is the primary location where students can access their online course syllabi, assignments, exams, class discussion forums, and course content.  All students, faculty, and staff can access their current and past online course sites by logging into onCourse, the college’s learning management system, using their Wheaton credentials.

The brief navigation menu to the left (scroll down the page) highlights a few of the most essential onCourse resources, including an onCourse FAQ.

Required placement tests for students are also accessible within onCourse, and more information about placement tests is provided in the onCourse FAQ.

Scroll down this page to see the contact information for the onCourse staff.

Note for faculty:  A much more comprehensive and detailed OnCourse design help site for faculty is provided within onCourse.

Using onCourse

Web browser support

Firefox or Chrome are best, and Safari also works well.  Keeping your browser up to date (every 6 months or less) is one of the easiest ways of ensuring that you’ll be able to use all the available features in onCourse and avoid any unnecessary technical issues.

Logging into onCourse

There are a few ways to access onCourse:

Log in with your Wheaton w# and email password.  You should see a list of my courses once you’re logged in.  If your enrolled courses are not visible:

  • Students:  Check with the professors for each of your courses to confirm that they have opened their course sites so that you can see links to the course sites in your my courses page.  Unopened course sites will not be visible in your my courses page
  • Faculty and staff:  Contact the onCourse staff

Course site enrollments, drop/add and auditing courses

  • Students enroll in their course sites when they select courses in April, November or incoming first-year student orientation (CORE).  They are enrolled in those courses unless wait-listed
  • If students enroll in a course during drop/add week, faculty need to fill out the Faculty Override Form.
  • Auditing students sometimes need to be manually enrolled in a course site.  These students enrollments can be requested from the professor teaching the course or from the onCourse staff (see contact information below)

Geographic timezone setting in your onCourse account

By default,  all student and faculty onCourse accounts are initially configured for local Norton Massachusetts time.  If you are taking online Wheaton College courses from a different geographic location you can temporarily adjust your account so that onCourse time will reflect your local time.  To do this, select your name in the main navigation bar at the top of every onCourse page, select profile from the drop-down menu, then select edit profile > timezone and select the correct option for your off-campus location.  Be sure to readjust this setting when you return to campus!

Wheaton College onCourse Support

Please submit your onCourse questions and requests through our online system.