Wheaton College supports the Microsoft Office Suite and a variety of other software applications. Some applications are available for download, free of charge.

Please Email ITSS for more information at support@wheatoncollege.edu


You are entitled to a Microsoft Office 365 account and one Windows 10 upgrade. The Microsoft Office 365 account allows you to install Office on up to 5 devices (including desktop and mobile versions, PC, Apple and Android).

How to get Microsoft Office 365

Contact IT Support Services to arrange for a Microsoft account via one of the following:

  • Email support@wheatoncollege.edu to request the software. Include your wID, Class Year, and your Wheaton email address.
  • Call the IT Support Help Desk 508-286-3900,  Monday – Friday between the hours of 8:30am to 4:30pm
  • Submit a Request Tickets in our Help Desk System: Wheaton Help Desk System

Within 72 hours Microsoft will send you an email with directions on how to install Office on up to 5 devices. Be alert for the email from Microsoft

If you have a problem with the installations, please bring your computer or device to IT Support Services. Our staff will work with you to install MS Office 365.

How to get a Windows 10 Upgrade

(Need to have an existing Version of Microsoft Windows)

Please email support@wheatoncollege.edu for more information

Students may use the college licenses for Office 365 as long as they are actively enrolled as a student of the college.  When you graduate, or if you separate from the college, it is your responsibility to remove Microsoft Office 365 program from your personal computer and other devices.